'Babies are miracles and miracles break all the rules'
– Dr Elizabeth Muir
At the clinic...

We provide an opportunity for desperate couples who might have experienced years of misery of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby.

We provide help for women to enjoy a level of confidence, competence and trust in their own natural ability to maintain pregnancy and give birth.

“…When I came to see Dr Muir for treatment, I was 43 years old. I had already seven unsuccessful IVF treatments and I was told that the only solution to my infertility was to have an egg donation. I conceived naturally after eight sessions of treatment with Dr Muir. I had my first baby…it was like a miracle to me and my husband. At the age of 45, I delivered my second baby…there are no words to express my delight…”
(Susannah, age 45)

The Approach of the Clinic

With a medical profession that still classes women who have their first baby after the age of 30 as ‘elderly’ primagravida, Dr Elizabeth Muir believed there to be a widespread fear that if you were over 35 and female that time really was running out.
Elizabeth Muir chose to introduce her own approach to challenge some traditional medical thinking around fertility, and argued that psychological and emotional factors, rather than age, had much more influence on a woman's chances of conceiving.

Elizabeth’s approach is flexible and totally different to the existing mechanistic outlook on fertility, pregnancy and childbirth.
It is based on the latest scientific discoveries on mind and body connection from the area of molecular emotions. It postulates that mind manifests itself in the body and the reproductive system is no exception. Emotional and psychological issues, the circumstances of our lives affect our bodies and manifest themselves in physical symptoms even if we are not consciously aware of it. Through a tiny part of the brain known as hypothalamus the emotions are linked with the functioning of the pituitary gland and the production of hormones vital to reproduction.

In an interview with the Sunday Times newspaper, Elizabeth Muir explains her own approach to fertility:

‘For many career women, the concept of motherhood often conflicts with their professional life, although a lot of this ambivalence is subjective, which is why hypnotherapy is so effective. Also, the more successful women are professionally, the worse they feel when they cannot get pregnant quickly.So I have created an approach that introduces hypnotherapy as a safe and powerful tool for helping women increase their chances of fertility. Hypnotherapy works on the premise that there are two states of consciousness - the conscious and the subconscious - which may be at odds with each other. In many cases, the subconscious can alter the body's biochemistry and while a woman might consciously want a baby, her subconscious may be stopping her from getting pregnant.’