Our miracle babies

"After my own experiences, I believe totally in alternative therapy. After two unsuccessful years of private fertility treatment, which cost thousands of pounds, I was devastated physically and emotionally. Conventional treatment can wreak havoc on your body and your confidence so I decided to quit my job, which took a lot of stress off me. Through an infertility support group I sought the help of a hypnotherapist, Dr Elizabeth Muir, who helped me get past the mental and emotional trauma of conventional treatment.

We spent a lot of time going through my past and trying to break through my conviction that I just wasn't meant to be pregnant. She recommended that I seek the help of a nutritionist, Diane Mills, who put me on a strict regime of no dairy, wheat or caffeine and lots of supplements. During this time I also saw an acupuncturist.

I started to exercise and really take care of myself and I began to feel really good about myself. In less than a year I became pregnant naturally.

I'm convinced that part of my inability to conceive was due to a bad psychological block. When conventional doctors look at infertility their natural inclination is to try to find a medical reason. This completely ignores the fact that there are so many contributing factors to infertility. It can be a psychological block such as thinking birth is dangerous, or you may think you don't deserve a baby or have some guilt over something in your sexual history. Because of this, even if IVF is successful, many women are left completely unprepared for the experience that follows.

I know I could not have had my son without the support of each of these treatments. Each contributed something vital to my overall health. My son is now a year old and my husband and I are currently trying to have another child using the same methods."

Call Elizabeth Muir on 020 7221 6566.
Call Diane Mills on 020 7224 5053.
*Not her real name.

Reprinted from Here's Health December 1999

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