“A big part of me did not really want to get pregnant.”

Hilary Coldicott, 39, from Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire, consulted Dr Muir after spending four years trying to conceive.  The doctors could not find anything wrong with her or her husband, and suggested IVF.   But the couple were determined not to go down that road.  “I felt that if there was nothing physically wrong with me, there must be something else,” she says.

Shortly into Dr Muir’s hypnotherapy programme, Mrs Coldicott realised that a big part of her did not really want to get pregnant.

“My career is very important to me.  At the back of my mind was the question of whether I could really cope with my business and a child,”  she says.  “Also, my mother was ill throughout both her pregnancies and had dreadful births.  She almost died giving birth to my sister and then I was a breach birth.  When you put that package together it’s no wonder that my mind was playing tricks with my body.”

She came away from sessions feeling positive and energetic.  In the evenings she listened to Dr Muir’s tapes, which helped reinforce this feeling.  After three sessions, she fell pregnant.  Her son Sam is now 13 months.

Quite unintentionally, Mrs Coldicott conceived again, five months after giving birth.  Her husband jokes that she should go back to Dr Muir and ask her to reverse whatever she did.

Reprinted from the Daily Express

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