“Whilst helping couples with fertility issues I often find that my client’s problems stem from beliefs they have, many of which they have been persuaded to accept, others of which may have been acquired as a kind protection…the idea that if they do not believe they will conceive then they cannot be hurt if they do not conceive, thus creating their own self fulfilling prophecy.”
– Dr Elizabeth Muir

We can help women who have experienced…

- Psychosomatic infertility
- Recurrent miscarriages
- Stillbirth
- Polycystic ovaries
- Endometriosis, vaginismus

… and many other issues surrounding pregnancy and childbirth.

”…I didn’t believe that I would ever maintain a pregnancy for a full term. I had four miscarriages…I think I was afraid to be pregnant again in case I lost it. Dr Muir helped me to rebuild trust in my ability to be a mother. After eight sessions of treatment I conceived and in due course gave birth to my beautiful daughter…”
(Penelope, age 37)

How the Clinic can help

Elizabeth Muir’s Clinic:

  1. Creates new opportunities for women who might have experienced years of misery trying unsuccessfully to have a baby;
  2. Brings hope to those couples who stopped believing that they would one day be parents to their own children;
  3. Helps pregnant women experience pregnancy and childbirth, feeling in charge of both processes, enjoying a level of confidence, competence and trust in their own natural ability to maintain the pregnancy and give birth.

Procedures offered at the Clinic

The procedures and interventions used at Elizabeth Muir’s Clinic are natural and totally non-invasive, enhancing nature rather than acting against it. The initial consultation, which is carried out independently from the treatment aims to evaluate the client’s situation and to put forward prognosis towards the best potential treatment.  It gives the client the opportunity to obtain full information about the treatment and procedures, to ask questions and to satisfy herself and her partner with the answers in order to make a commitment.

The Fertility programme comprises of ten sessions held in (at least) two weekly intervals.  The clients are provided with therapeutic audio recordings and instructed to use them between sessions. They are also supplied with written assignments to complement the process of intervention during the sessions. Sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis in an atmosphere of safety, security and total confidentiality.

The Pregnancy and Childbirth programme is carried out in a more flexible way. The relaxation sessions are available to those expectant mothers who want to start from the earliest stage of pregnancy and they continue through until the fourth month.  From the fourth month the expectant mother is introduced to various techniques preparing her for a comfortable birth.