“Whilst helping couples with fertility issues I often find that my client’s problems stem from beliefs they have, many of which they have been persuaded to accept, others of which may have been acquired as a kind protection…the idea that if they do not believe they will conceive then they cannot be hurt if they do not conceive, thus creating their own self-fulfilling prophecy.”
– Dr Elizabeth Muir

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Sunday Times Style Magazine, 19 July 1998
High-flyers who have difficulty conceiving may secretly be scared of having children. But a new holistic approach could help. “...Muir's clients range in age from 37 to 43 and she claims a 45% take-home baby success rate, which is more than double that of many fertility centres...” – Louise Manson
Here’s Health December 1999
Our miracle babies
“…Through an infertility support group I sought the help of a hypnotherapist, Dr Elizabeth Muir, who helped me get past the mental and emotional trauma of conventional treatment …We spent a lot of time going through my past and trying to break through my conviction that I just wasn’t meant to be pregnant …In less than a year I became pregnant naturally.” – Sarah Wagner
The Independent on Sunday 30 January 2000
“She made us believe we could have a child. And now we can.” Cheaper, painless and just as successful as IVF – HESTER LACEY investigates natural fertility treatment.
“…Emma, 36, a marketing and communications executive, had been told by infertility specialists that she would never be able to conceive naturally when she went to see Dr Elizabeth Muir. Now she and her husband have a one-year-old son and they are expecting a much-wanted second baby.”– Hester Lacey
Daily Express Monday 29 January 2001
Life Mind Body Spirit
“One in six couples has problems having a baby yet in a third of these cases, there is no medical explanation. Some doctors now believe that the power of the mind can hinder conception… …Hilary Coldicott, 39, from Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire, consulted Dr Muir after spending four years trying to conceive. The doctors could not find anything wrong with her or her husband, and suggested IVF. But the couple were determined not to go down that road. …Shortly into Dr Muir’s hypnotherapy programme Mrs Coldicott realised that a big part of her did not really want to get pregnant….She came away from sessions feeling positive and energetic. In the evenings she listened to Dr Muir’s tapes, which helped reinforce this feeling. After three sessions, she fell pregnant. Her son Sam is now 13 months.”
Clare Garner
The Times Tuesday 5 March 2002
Can hypnosis help to make you pregnant?
“Some complementary therapists claim they can aid conception… Dr Elizabeth Muir, a clinical psychologist who has specialised in treating infertility for seven years, uses hypnotherapy to help couples for whom there is no apparent medical reason why they should not have a child. Muir believes that the psychological issues surrounding pregnancy are not sufficiently well addressed for many women with fertility problems, and she claims a success rate of 45 per cent for her clients.” – Suzy Greaves
Spirit & Destiny August 2003
My state of mind stopped me falling pregnant
After an unsuccessful IVF experience at the age of 40, Carmel Miedziolka, from Harrow, Middlesex, wondered if she had left it too late to fall pregnant. Could going into a trance get to the root of her problems… “Instead of hating my period each month, especially when trying for a baby, Dr Muir said I should embrace my periods, as they make me a woman. …Four months after the course, I was pregnant. Michaela will be two in November. There’s nothing like having her around.”
Carmel Miedziolka

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