'Every woman has a biological right to her reproduction and she is naturally capable to become a mother.'
– Dr Elizabeth Muir
Our treatment…

…is safe, comfortable and has no side effects

…gives you a chance to prepare for a healthy conception

…brings harmony to the body and mind

…is acceptable on moral, religious and ethical grounds
“…My first child was delivered through Caesarean section.  When I was pregnant with my second child, doctors told me that this time I would have to have Caesarean. I attended the pregnancy and childbirth programme with Dr Muir. I enjoyed it tremendously, regaining my confidence in my own ability to give birth. I delivered my baby feeling that I am in charge of it. What a different experience…”
(Catherine, age 39)
Pregnant woman
With our Clinic's help, you can build beliefs which support successful reproduction,enabling you to be productively involved in your reproduction and learn how to 'tune to your body' so that your body works for you.
Case studies from happy clients
Carmel Miedziolka, (age 40) – as featured in Spirit & Destiny magazine
In Carmel’s own words: “Anton and I met on a Masters degree course and, aged 38, I fell pregnant. It was a complete accident and shocked us both. But we gradually got used to the idea of having a baby. At 11 weeks I had a miscarriage. Anton was as devastated as me and it really brought into focus that having a child together was the thing we wanted most.  We got married and decided to give it another go.After a year we were referred for tests. I was told I had unexplained infertility. I was offered IVF treatment and informed I should decide straight away because of my age, now 40. It was a lifeline, so we grasped it. Read more...
Emma, (age 36), a marketing communications executive – as featured in The Independent on Sunday
Emma says: “I had four unsuccessful IVF treatments and was quite distraught when I joined an infertility support group, which was where I heard about Dr Muir. The first time we spoke she gave me such hope. I wasn’t sure what to expect from hypnotherapy, but after my initial consultation I immediately felt as ease. She made me feel confident and relaxed, something I hadn’t felt in a long time, and during the treatment she broke through a lot of psychological barriers. Her work is very subtle and it works at a very deep level. She made me believe that I could become pregnant – and after seven sessions I did. 
Read more
Sarah Wagner, (age 37) – as featured in Here’s Health
In Sarah ‘s own words: “After my own experiences, I believe totally in alternative therapy. After two unsuccessful years of private fertility treatment, which cost thousands of pounds, I was devastated physically and emotionally. Conventional treatment can wreak havoc on your body and your confidence so I decided to quit my job, which took a lot of stress off me. Through an infertility support group I sought the help of a hypnotherapist, Dr Elizabeth Muir, who helped me get past the mental and emotional trauma of conventional treatment.We spent a lot of time going through my past and trying to break through my conviction that I just wasn't meant to be pregnant.
Sarah Baby Talk
  Dr Sarah Andrews, (age 37) – as featured in Sunday Times Sarah tried for three years to get pregnant, secretly worrying throughout that time that, if she succeeded, she might jeopardise her chances of a consultancy post.Says Sarah: "Once I thought I had decided I wanted a baby, I became obsessed with getting pregnant, and when it didn't happen after six months, I started falling apart. I had two attempts at IVF, both of which failed. That was a horrendous experience. It was a bit like being in a cattle market, with the same disappointed faces in the waiting room. After the second attempt failed, I thought I had to find something else. Right from the start, Elizabeth Muir helped me to feel better.
  Hilary Coldicott (39) – as featured in Daily Express
Hilary Coldicott, 39, from Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire, consulted Dr Muir after spending four years trying to conceive. The doctors could not find anything wrong with her or her husband, and suggested IVF.  But the couple were determined not to go down that road. “I felt that if there was nothing physically wrong with me, there must be something else,” she says. Shortly into Dr Muir’s hypnotherapy programme, Mrs Coldicott realised that a big part of her did not really want to get pregnant. “My career is very important to me. At the back of my mind was the question of whether I could really cope with my business and a child,”  she says.